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ePrivacy advises companies and certifies products in the mobile context in cases in which stringent requirements as to data protection and data security have to be met. Certification in the form of the recognized ePrivacyseal or ePrivacyApp data protection seals will be possible where a product meets the stringent requirements as to data protection and data security to an exemplary degree.

What does "mobile" refer to?

Smartphones, tablets, new devices and mobile technologies are on the rise, and are already an essential component of our daily lives in Europe and many other parts of the world, as are the apps which run on them. The mobile sector comprises all industry players providing mobile technologies, devices, apps and services in this context.

The following data protection issues, among others, arise in view of the large quantity of data which is collected through the use of mobile devices:

  • Is user tracking carried out in a manner which complies with data protection legislation?
  • What difference do mobile identification numbers, such as the IDFA or the Google advertising ID, make?
  • Is providing users with the possibility of opting out of the collection of their data a matter for the manufacturers of such devices (e.g. the iPhone) or is it the responsibility of the provider of the mobile product in question?
  • How are new technologies, e.g. z.B. beacons, to be used in a manner which complies with the relevant regulations, and what guidelines must providers adhere to?
  • Is the SDK being used or offered for sale non-hazardous?
  • Is the communication between the mobile product and any servers adequately protected?
  • How can I, as a provider of a mobile application or a mobile network, secure the data within my company?

Does the developer take these aspects into account? As has been confirmed by numerous studies, many apps use user data and pass personal data on to the operator of the app or even third parties such as ad servers, private individuals or other companies. Data protection issues are therefore gaining in relevance, quite irrespective of whether the apps in question are for use on smartphones, tablets, clocks or other linked-up devices.

Many users are concerned about the possibility of providers misusing their data or disseminating information to third parties. There is increasing demand for professional certification on the part of users and also providers looking to verify the status of data protection and data security within an app and thereby build confidence in that app.

Why is it a good idea for players in the mobile sector to obtain advice from ePrivacy or certification in the form of the ePrivacyseal or ePrivacyApp?

  • Mobile products can from the outset be developed in such a manner as to ensure their compliance with currently applicable legislation ("privacy by design")
  • The need for any subsequent amendments in line with data protection and data security regulations can be dispensed with
  • Data breaches and the associated subsequent financial losses and loss of reputation can be avoided
  • Connected car providers become familiar with any technical flaws in their products with regard to data protection and data security and are able to rectify these before any critical data leaks occur
  • Obtaining certification for a mobile product demonstrates your commitment to data protection as a means of building trust

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    The performance of ePrivacy is very impressive. Even most complex tasks are completed quickly.

Services provided by ePrivacy to the mobile sector

  • Advice on privacy by design and privacy by default approaches to new mobile products and services
  • Verification of compliance with currently relevant data protection regulations and security standards
  • Privacy impact assessment for new mobile products
  • Data protection certification in accordance with EU or Swiss law in the form of the ePrivacyseal
  • Technical verification of apps on the basis of potential current and future attack scenarios
  • Certification of apps with ePrivacyApp

ePrivacy will assist you in designing your products, technologies and services in line with the extremely stringent requirements imposed by applicable data protection legislation. We will help you and your employees to ensure the secure handling of customer and user data.

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